My name is Rahim Entezari.
I am a PhD candidate at the Complexity Science Hub Vienna from the Institute for Informatics at Technical University Graz since November 2018.
Before that I was working for several AI startups as a deep learning researcher, e.g. Sensifai
I have obtained my master in Artificial Intelligence and robotics from Iran University of Science and Technology. My master thesis was about human gaze estimation using deep structured learning.
Before that I was bachelor student in computer engineering at Amirkabir University of Technology
My main research interests include deep learning and human decision making.


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Head Pose Estimation using CRF

This is about Head Pose Estimation using Conditional Random Fields. In this project I have used HCRF Library. For more information click here,

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Human Gaze Estimation using CNN

This project is about Estimationg Human Gaze using Convolutional Neural Networks. For more information click here

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Speech Recognition-Digits

This is about how to recognize spoken digits using CNTK.For more information click here,

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Human Gaze Estimation Using Deep-PGM

This project is about using HCRF model as PGM, and deep learning as feature extractor,for estimating Human Gaze.For more information click here,

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AutiGaze- An application for autism spectrum disorder

This project is about designing an application, which helps people with ASD in the phase of rehabilitation. For more information click here, and here

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Voice Activity Detection

This project is about Voice Activity Detection using SoundNet paper(NIPS2016),and Torch deep learning toolkit. For more information click here


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Generative Adversarial Networks

What is GAN?,

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Videos with Scene Dynamics

This project is about Generating Videos with Scene Dynamics, click here

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What is Gaze Estimation?

If you are interested in knowing what gaze estimation is and what applications are available for this task, click here,

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GAN for Gaze

This is about how we can use of Generative Adversarial Networks for Gaze Estimation. For more information click here,


Sabokrou, M., Pourreza, M., Fayyaz, M., Entezari, R., Fathy, M., Gall, J., & Adeli, E, (2018). AVID: Adversarial Visual Irregularity Detection. arXiv preprint arXiv:1805.09521. ACCV 2018

Bayat A, Arzani M, Fathy M, Matinnejad A, Minaei-Bidgoli B,Entezari, R, (2016). A Probabilistic Graphical Model Approach for Human Activity Recognition using Skeleton Data , International Conference on Signal Processing and Intelligent Systems (ICSPIS).(accepted).

Entezari, R, Arzani M, Fathy M, Bayat A, (2016). A Deep Learning Method to Estimate 3D Point of Regard by Joint Head and Eye Information, The CSI Journal on Computer Science and Engineering.Vol. 13, No. 2,2016:42-47. here

Arzani M, Bayat A, Fathy M, Entezari, R, (2016). A general graphical model for Human Activity Recognition using Skeleton Data , Amirkabir International Journal of Electrical & Electronics Engineering (AIJ-EEE).(accepted).

Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have questions about my works